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February 12, 2013

The Big Green Lie

Here’s a headline that could change our financial security for the remainder of our lives and our children’s forever!

Baird last week was hand in hand with John Kerry welcoming him to the White House and basically trying to show the world that Canada is in “lock-step” with all the U.S. initiatives to fight “Global Warming” (LIE) and that whatever the U.S. does to fight it, we will follow suit!

Obama must thank his “green followers” for helping him win his second term into the White House and here comes the “pay-off”!

Huge deep pockets of “green money” have been thrown around to less than honest “charity groups” all dressed up in their “Cloak of Green” to basically stop our Oil Sands from producing one more drop of oil. Why?

The Hollywood/billionaires have all the same message: “ending all fossil fuelled electrical generation will save the world from…

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